​Dagan Harding Band Premiere "Artistic Thievery" and "I Learned How" Videos

​Dagan Harding Band Premiere 'Artistic Thievery' and 'I Learned How' Videos
Dagan Harding Band released their second EP I Learned How last month, featuring appearances by Gage McGuire and Chris Dimas of Surf Dads, Jon Wolfond of Blue Youth, Nick Faye and Andrea Hedlund from the Regina Symphony Orchestra. Now, the group have treated two tracks off the latest release to matching music videos.
First up, "Artistic Thievery" is a song that explores creating and stealing art in the digital age.

"This song is about the overwhelming obsession that comes with creating things that you love, and then finding a way to let them go when things aren't working," Harding tells Exclaim! "When you love someone or something so much there is a tendency to hang on longer than is healthy, or necessary. But, creatively, that process is also necessary for things to be completed."
The accompanying clip strives to showcase that creative authenticity, capturing the band delivering a raw live performance.
The visuals for title track "I Learned How," meanwhile, take us to a '90s house party. On his way to the party, however, Harding doesn't have a lot of luck with gaining new fans as he sings to them on the street.
It's a fitting video for a song that Harding says is "about not taking yourself to seriously and finding the humour in life once you've grown up."
Check out both videos below.