Daft Punk Get Their Very Own Chiptune Tribute

Daft Punk Get Their Very Own Chiptune Tribute
Now that the chiptune movement is in full swing, it seems we can expect an onslaught of tribute albums. First, we told you about the astonishing Miles Davis tribute, Kind of Bloop, and now, with a slightly more obvious choice, French musicians Je Deviens DJ En 3 Jours have spearheaded a like-minded Daft Punk tribute.

Titled Da Chip, the compilation showcases various chiptune composers as they reinterpret Daft Punk jams with vintage videogame equipment. The release is available for free and can be downloaded here.

And, really, this release is a no-brainer. Who doesn't love exquisite French house music or adorable videogame sounds? Or better yet, a combination of the two?

For more info on the project, you can click here.

Da Chip:

1. The Listrix - "Around the World"
2. Random - "Short Circuit"
3. Zombectro - "Voyager"
4. Note! - "Revolution 909"
5. JDDJ3J - "Aerodynamic"
6. Stage7 - "Superheroes"
7. Flashbob - "Crescendolls"
8. Microchip - "One More Time"
9. Fluxxin - "Teachers"
10. Motone - "Indo Silver Club"
11. EvilWezil - "Veridis Quo"

Microchip @ Juicestock 01/02/09 from Kezzie Beat on Vimeo.