Daft Punk Finish Up 24 New Songs for Upcoming Tron Sequel, Plan "Tron-Themed Events"

Daft Punk Finish Up 24 New Songs for Upcoming <i>Tron</i> Sequel, Plan '<i>Tron</i>-Themed Events'
Following their recent 8-bit tribute, nerds across the world have now been given another reason to love legendary French touch duo Daft Punk. We reported it earlier this year, and it's been confirmed that the group will be scoring director Joseph Kosinski's Tron sequel, which apparently has the title Tron: Legacy.

According to Movieline [via The Playlist], Kosinski recently gave some insight into the situation at the San Diego Comic Con. The director described his first meeting with Daft Punk, which was over a pancake breakfast in Los Angeles, with the two Frenchmen apparently wearing their helmets. Later, when asked if the robotic duo would tour in support of the release, Kosinski said there would certainly be "Daft Punk Tron-themed events on the horizon."

According to ComingSoon.net, Daft Punk have recorded 24 new songs for the film.

Tron: Legacy is expected to come out in 2010. Filming for the movie began in April, and is taking place in Vancouver.

What may or may not be new music by Daft Punk: