Daddy G/Various DJ-Kicks

As the light of Massive Attack’s glory days glows less and less brightly in the distance, and with the musical movement they once championed sounding increasingly dated as each day passes, it’s fair to say that a new MA release would be hardly the event it once was. Here, on the latest instalment of the famed DJ-Kicks series, surviving member Daddy G completely wastes an opportunity to maintain some of the stature once awarded to him by slapping together an old-time reggae-meets-trip-hop mix that should seem cursory to even the most superficial followers of the genre. Barrington Levy’s "Here I Come” and Johnny Osbourne’s "Budy Bye” will be instantly familiar to most, as should songs by Tricky, Willie Williams, the Meters, and Melaaz (who offers a French version of reggae classic "No No No”). What drags this mix down is not so much that these tracks are necessarily bad (save the incredibly disappointing Massive Attack / Mos Def pairing on "I Against I”), and no one will dispute the fact that they’ve all had their moment in the sun. You get the sense, though, that the majority of these songs — the MA mixes counted firmly among them — are in serious need of a breather, having still not recovered from their inclusion on every compilation and in nearly every millennium’s end, cinematic soundtrack even remotely related to club culture. At best, this is a decent mix released five years past its "best before” date. (!K7)