D-Sisive to Share His Creative Process While Recording New LP

D-Sisive to Share His Creative Process While Recording New LP
Good news, folks, D-Sisive may have suffered a pesky case of writer's block when composing his recent Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye, but it looks as if he's over the hump. Just three months since his previous LP came out, the rapper also known as Derek Christoff is gearing up to record a new album, and he's going to be documenting the entire recording process.

The new album is called Run with the Creeps and it's slated for a September release via Urbnet. In an interview with AUX, the MC explained that he will be using his new Run with the Creeps blog to release studio footage showing his daily process when creating the album.

Christoff said, "Everyone hears my final product. Not everyone hears the rewrites, the tape recorder demos, the melody demos, the alternate choruses. Nobody hears about the moments when creativity strikes. The exact date I wrote a specific verse. The 'everything in betweens.' Now they will. I just hope someone can get something out of it."

If you follow his blog, you will be treated to material that ranges "from writing, to studio sessions, to photo/video shoots, to dealing with my label, Urbnet."

Earlier today (May 25), he wrote a post promising,"I have recorded a special present for everyone. You'll have to come back at 6:17pm to get it." The post is tagged "audio."

He cites Kurt Cobain's journals and Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds studio tapes as inspiration for his plan to document the creative process. Keep checking back to the blog for regular updates about the recording sessions, and expect the finished product to arrive in the fall.