Cypress Hill Mount Currie Stage, Pemberton BC, July 14

Cypress Hill Mount Currie Stage, Pemberton BC, July 14
Photo: Joshua Peter Grafstein
You'd have to be old enough to have gotten your '91 mind blown the first time you heard "The Phuncky Feel One" if you were to recall a time when Cypress Hill wasn't popping up at an outdoor summer festival somewhere. The EDM kids have found a new drug, yet the live show of B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs feels unchanged in about a decade.
The trio's first and best two albums — Cypress Hill and Black Sunday — are both old enough to drink in the States, yet those monsters provided the backbone of the group's set list: "How I Could Just Kill a Man," "Hand on the Pump," "When the Shit Goes Down," "I Ain't Goin' Out Like That" and, of course, "Insane in the Brain" were all excellent, stellar fodder for loud, live concert jams. The nasally B-Real commanded the stage with expertise, and faithfully preached to fellow weed aficionados with "Dr. Greenthumb." Muggs' cued-up instrumentals were punched up with bongos, a Cypress Hill show staple, and the DJ/producer slaughtered the classic soundbyte "It's time!" in a furious scratch session.
Seeing a rap group's DJ cut a record offered a breath of warm nostalgia, yet served as a reminder how just how long this group has been at it. (Longer than Snoop, for those scoring at home.) And the clunky "(Rock) Superstar" reminded how they struggled to find the brilliance of their early work. We look forward to catching B-Real in the newly formed Prophets of Rage supergroup with Chuck D and Rage Against the Machine — a new look should be refreshing.