Cut Copy "Meet Me in a House of Love"/"We Are Explorers" (live on 'Kimmel')

Cut Copy 'Meet Me in a House of Love'/'We Are Explorers' (live on 'Kimmel')
The folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live had Cut Copy stop by the program earlier this month, but managed to hold on to the footage for a few weeks before letting it loose to the world. While it's not quite the same as a vintage bottle of Chateau Lafite or a finely aged Gruyere, the one-two punch of Free Your Mind's "Meet Me in a House of Love" and "We Are Explorers" is still a treat.

Performing for an outdoor L.A. crowd, Cut Copy first pump things up with the house-pop bounce of "Meet Me In a House of Love," with Dan Whitford being the most animated of the bunch by alternating between playing smooth synth lines and breaking out the jazz hands. "We Are Explorers" has them slowing things down slightly, but still delivering the electro-influenced goods.

You can see both performances down below.