Cut-Out Interlude With Fun Machine

Featuring members of Pell Mell (Steve Fisk and Bob Beerman), Cut-Out is a project devoted to creating instrumentals with something called "The Fun Machine.” Interlude With Fun Machine is made up of seven tracks filled with cyclic beats and friendly keyboard sounds that combine cheesy lounge music and mind-numbing TV commercial soundtracks. The fact that the songs exist without any vocal performance is irrelevant because even with some singing, Fun Machine would remain annoying and futile. Imagine being locked up in a room for a week with such minimal equipment and it’s easy to see how Cut-Out came up with such a preposterous record. Sometimes concept records are dangerous things that should never be messed with. Interlude With Fun Machine has "Warning! Hazardous and Derivative Material, Do Not Touch,” written all over it. (Starlight Furniture Co.)