Cursed, Fall Out Boy, Earth Crisis Members Band Together as Sect

Cursed, Fall Out Boy, Earth Crisis Members Band Together as Sect
Good news for those who want to hear Chris Colohan's fury-filled voice beyond that upcoming Cursed reissue: the Canadian-born hardcore lifer has announced he's fronting a new band called Sect. Better yet, the vegan straight edge force also includes veterans from Earth Crisis, Fall Out Boy and more.

The quintet formally announced their arrival today (June 28), reporting that a self-titled, self-released full-length will be out in North America on August 5. In addition to vocalist Colohan, the lineup comprises guitarists James Chang (Catharsis) and Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis), bassist Ian Edwards (Earth Crisis) and drummer Andrew Hurley (Fall Out Boy, Racetraitor). Recording sessions for the 10-song debut took place in Raleigh, NC, earlier this year.

A press release explains that while all five members came up in the '90s hardcore scene, the "political, cynical" approach from their old bands' messages are even more relevant today.

Referencing "Orwellian police states," social and environmental disasters and more, it's said that there "is more reason than ever to keep lashing out at a world more suicidally bent on its own destruction and the exploitation of people, species and the ecosystem itself, than perhaps ever before in history."

Below, you'll find a three-song Sect primer full of blast beats, shredded vocals and amp-wrecking sonics. Deathwish Inc. has an exclusive pre-sale on a limited-edition transparent red version of Sect over here.

As previously reported, a reissue of Cursed's 2008 swansong, III: Architects of Troubled Sleep, arrives July 22 through Deathwish Inc. The release has been remastered and features updated, more heavily detailed cover art from Baroness's John Baizley.


1. Curfew
2. Death Dealer
3. Scourge Of Empire
4. Seventh Extinction
5. Interference
6. All Or Nothing
7. Rendition
8. Fend
9. Total Void
10. Sinking