Curanderos Evolucion Show

Curanderos are hoping that Evolucion Show will be the record that will allow them to go beyond regional success that includes a list of bands they played with that’s a who’s who of Latin alternative bands. They’ve already been compared to early Radiohead, and they must have taken that to heart because there is a pretty faithful cover of "Creep,” (in Spanish, and renamed "Perro”) which actually benefits from the addition of an accordion. Radiohead are definitely an obvious influence because Curanderos also make use of a similar shimmering guitar sound, and there is a real attempt to make their songs sound "bigger” than that actually are. The majority of the album is sung in Spanish and the two English songs don’t really bring anything new to the table. Evolucion Show is a good album, but there’s very little here that could propel the band into the international spotlight because they lack the individuality to make them stand out from the crowd. Still, it’ll keep their fans happy and probably win a few new ones along the way. (Independent)