Cult Classic Skateboard Flick 'Shredder Orpheus' Gets Fitted with First-Ever Soundtrack Release

Cult Classic Skateboard Flick 'Shredder Orpheus' Gets Fitted with First-Ever Soundtrack Release
The wave of decades-old soundtrack releases continues, this time with a new vinyl pressing of Roland Barker's score from the 1989 cult classic Shredder Orpheus. It will be out on November 11 via the newly launched and Light in the Attic Records-distributed Traction imprint.

As you might expect, the film is a straight-up bizarre one. Directed by Robert McGinley, it's about a man named Orpheus who, along with his friends, uses his guitar and skateboard to combat evil television signals from the underworld.

The music, meanwhile, is credited to Roland Barker and his Ministry/Revolting Cocks associate Bill Rieflin, who's also played with the likes of R.E.M. and Nine Inch Nails over the years. A press release describes score like this: "The 17 music cues weave together a blend of Barker's hypnotic synthesizer compositions with blistering skate rock tunes featuring virtuosic guitar work by Dennis Rea and precision percussion and bass by Rieflin and Amy Denio."

The music has been remastered, and this is the first time the soundtrack has been released. Last year, McGinley told BAM blog, "There have been a few attempts to release the soundtrack on vinyl and I hope we can do that soon."

The soundtrack can be ordered here. Making this even sweeter, the vinyl comes with a DVD version of the film.

Shredder Orpheus (Original 1989 Soundtrack):

1. Ramp Out
2. Overture: Skate Percussion
3. Worm Song
4. Orpheus and Eurydice Love Scene
5. Lazy River Styx
6. It's Art Dear
7. Don't Look Back
8. Interlude
9. Flying Guitars
10. Magic Waters
11. Oracle Arrives
12. Ripping the Tarmac
13. To the Underworld
14. Together at Last
15. Blowing Up EBN Signal
16. Head in Water
17. Ramp Out Reprise