The Cruelty Party "Ball and Chain"

The Cruelty Party 'Ball and Chain'
Alphonse Alixander Lanza III used to play in the Toronto electronic act Azari & III, but following their split last fall, he has now premiered a new single with his four-piece band the Cruelty Party called "Ball and Chain."

This is a big depature from Lanza's past work, since it sports a peppy, guitar-driven live sound that draws on Britpop and mod rock.

Lanza said in a statement, "I was only in an electronic music project for a short time. For most of the '90s I was an indie rocker. I really enjoyed the music that we created with Azari & III but while in that band, I would [see] live bands with no computers in it and get jealous. I knew I wanted to go back to a more organic sound."

Though the track previously arrived in rough form last year, this new version of the single will be out digitally on April 8. Look for a video and a Tim Goldsworthy remix to emerge in due course.