Crossover Fantasmo

The latest salvo in DJ Hell's plot to take over the world via his electro reviving International DeeJay Gigolos label comes courtesy of Crossover, a "cozmik junk band from NYC." Comprised of Vanessa Tosti and Mark Ingram - an Italian immigrant and a Texan drummer, respectively - Crossover take a slightly different approach to the "electro-clash" sound. The chilly synths are there, of course, and the beats are fully retro-futuristic, but the energy just feels lacking. "Lady Dragon Slayer," for instance, is weird but without containing that unquantifiable cool that would take it beyond a cheesy, echo-filled spoken-word number. Alas, the rest of the record is kind of like that too. Maybe they just need a hand from Miss Kittin. (International DeeJay Gigolo)