Cross Examination Menace II Sobriety

What a frustrating album. While Cross Examination have been releasing consistently strong crossover albums that pull heavily from Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I. and Disrupt for half a decade, it wasn’t until Menace II Sobriety that they actually hit the wall. Musically, this effort is perfect, expedient thrash metal teetering on the verge of collapse, providing an element of danger that any heavy music should inherently create. However, vocalist Kegmaster D is so fucking annoying on every song that he all but ruins the entire experience. Squawking away like a wounded pterodactyl, his piercing shrieks are impossible to ignore but are incoherent and aggravating. There’s absolutely nothing enticing about hearing someone scream in a tone-deaf, monotonous wail akin to babies with diaper rash. Cross Examination may boast having the same members since day one but the time seems ripe for a shuffle. (Organized Crime)