CrimSane "ChinaFastGrow" (ft. Damian Abraham)

CrimSane 'ChinaFastGrow' (ft. Damian Abraham)
It's hard to know where he finds the time, but when not fronting Fucked Up or hosting The Wedge, Damian "Pink Eyes" Abraham gets his hands into all sorts of projects. The latest is a new project called CrimSane, which sees him working with No Warning/Violent Minds member Matt Delong.

Naturally, this is a huge departure from Fucked Up's recent big-budget epics, but it's also not really the straight-ahead hardcore punk you might expect from these guys. Instead, "ChinaFastGrow" is weirdly mid-tempo and lo-fi, seeing Abraham shredding his vocal chords over a bizarre noise track with canned drum machines and fuzzy guitars.

Check out the track here courtesy of Stereogum.