Criminal Element Career Criminal

Raging fucking metal seems to be the order of the day with Career Criminal, a furious, confrontational effort packed with more hatred than a Sunday School class listening to G.G. Allin. Updating the incredibly dated essence of death metal once dominated by Brutal Truth or Broken Hope or whatever "damage-in-the-name” band you want, Criminal Element have caught on to the same wave of brashness that has encapsulated (read: made wicked) the last two Napalm Death efforts. Guitars sound like the high-speed collision of transport trucks and relentless hyperactive blast beats are packed with sprit. On a vocal level, the anticipated tradeoffs between bowel-rumbling grunts and aneurysm-inducing screams are surprisingly engaging throughout the duration of the album. All in all, Criminal Element manage to pack every ounce of pent-up frustration, confusion, guilt and anger onto Career Criminal. Even in the worlds of death metal and grindcore, traditional riffs and an overall expected sound mean so much more when dealt out with such honesty, sincerity and intent for cathartic healing. (Season of Mist)