Crime In Choir Crime In Choir

"Post-prog" is probably the best term for a band made up of former members of At The Drive-In and Hella. Though their music may come across as an excited group of Tortoise wannabes, Crime In Choir's fast brand of punk-inspired free-based prog has a secret weapon that should clear them of such comparisons. While few bands show off the drummer as the star of the band, CIC's Zach Hill should be a superstar for his part in the band's creative process. His freeform style of drumming is something of its own, taking the music to a higher level by controlling the pace and also going off on his jet-fuelled tangents at the same time. The nice range of synths and electronics thrown into the mix by Jesse Reiner and Kenny Hopper also adds an interesting element to the recording. While some vocals might spruce up the appeal of the band's tunes, the four-man instrumental route is definitely strong enough without them. (Omnibus)