Creeping Nobodies Prep New Material, Become One Body Less

Creeping Nobodies Prep New Material, Become One Body Less
Thanks to the powers of MySpace upload notifications, Exclaim! found two new demo recordings posted by Toronto experimental punk group the Creeping Nobodies on their page. Suspecting a proper follow-up in the works to 2006's Sound of Joy LP, released via Toronto DIY record collective Blocks Recording, or at least a new EP or split LP like their nameless twelve-inch release with fellow GTA noise makers Anagram, Exclaim! got in touch with band member Chuck Skullz to get the scoop on what 2008 has in store for Toronto's art punk leaders.

"We're going into Halla Music with Jeff McMurrich (Constantines, Picastro, Wooden Stars) to record June 14-16th. This recording session is with the intent of possibly putting a short release out in time for a tour in the UK in October." Skullz wrote.

It's early in the booking process, so there isn't much information confirmed yet for the band's UK jaunt, but Ireland and Scotland will assuredly receive the Nobodies treatment at some point during the scheduled run of shows from October 8 to 25.

"So some of the recording will be used for that [release], and the rest may be [put] towards a new album we're working on. So folks should see something compact from us around early October 2008, and then a full-length release for spring/summer 2009."

Regarding what the new material may sound like, Skullz says the Creeps have "been taking a lot of inspiration from touring Europe last fall" and have been listening to a lot of "Tropicalia, Eastern Folk music, Vaudeville, Spaceman 3, and Steeleye Span" which he says "mashes up" against a list of current musical inspirations including "Gowns, These Are Powers, Tradition, Tropics, Huckleberry Friends and HEALTH".

While all cylinders are firing for what promises to be another productive year for the Creeping Nobodies, the group have also had to adjust to the biggest shake up of their career thus far: the departure of founding Nobody and long-time fixture of Toronto's experimental music community, Derek Westerholm.

Skullz and the remaining Nobodies have these words to share:

"Derek formed this band and played in it for 7 years. At least for me personally, he had a huge part in shaping how I relate to music and what playing in a band was like and about, not to mention on a friendship level and how each of us related to him. He was also completely responsible for shaping how I viewed DIY ethics, fairness, being a part of a musical community, and was a catalyst in terms of the band's and my own involvement in things like wavelength and alternate space shows and events.

"Derek has had to step back from the band in order to look after some personal matters and as such doesn't play or tour with the band currently, although we remain in contact and are good friends."

You can catch the band's four piece incarnation at one of the following Canadian dates:

6/27 Toronto ON, Concord Cafe w/Tropics, LsDoubleDCup, Gaybeast
7/24 Toronto ON, Wrong bar w/Katie Stelmanis, Black Feelings, Kickers
7/26 Montreal QC, Casa del Popolo w/Black Feelings, Katie Stelmanis, Kickers