'Creem' Magazine Returning to Newsstands This Fall

'Creem' Magazine Returning to Newsstands This Fall
Creem magazine stands as one of the most iconic music publications ever published. However, the magazine hasn't had a regular print run since the late '80s -- something that will change this fall.

Billboard reports that Creem will return to press in September. It had previously resurfaced as an online publication in the past decade.

"We just feel the timing is now," said Creem boss Jason Turner. "There's so much amazing music happening today but there's no filter, no curation happening. We think Creem is a great brand to do this under."

The plan is for a quarterly magazine with spinoffs including online content and mobile apps. Circulation will be a relatively modest 150,000 to 200,000 copies (compared to Rolling Stone's 1.4 million). "We're going to continue to honour Creem's lineage," Turner said.

Magazine founder Barry Kramer's son J.J. is the director of the project.

Kramer started Creem in Detroit in 1969. Originally a local rag, it quickly went national, and renowned critic Lester Bangs took over as editor. It briefly resurfaced in the '90s, and went online post-millennium. Creem was famously featured in Cameron Crowe's 2000 film Almost Famous.