Cradle of Filth Speak Out After Being Pummelled with Massive Candies at UK Fest

Cradle of Filth Speak Out After Being Pummelled with Massive Candies at UK Fest
Flamboyant British black metal band Cradle of Filth have long been reviled for not being, ahem, "tr00" or "kvlt" enough (underground metalhead parlance for "true" and "cult") due to a slick sound and a nice amount of popularity and success. And while we've found their last couple albums to be a bit dull, we're not going go as far as the yob who recently threw candy resembling huge Gobstoppers at the band at the Bloodstock fest in the UK.

These must have been some huge candies, as the throwing incident resulted in the band stopping their set and walking off the stage just before their encore, according to Metal Hammer. What's more, guitarist Paul Allender, who got hit with one of the candies, had to go to the hospital, as it was suspected he had spinal damage; turns out he is fine.

Vocalist Dani Filth wrote the following statement (printed here typos and all) on Cradle of Filth's website:

No-one could be more disappointed than I about the ridiculous and callous incident that happened on Saturday night. Bloodstock is an event that we have long endorsed and looked forward to headlining due to it's united European metal vibe, it's growing popularity and of course, it being one of the better festivals held on English soil. The crowd, as expected, were great and we were playing well with an arsenal of songs yet to deliver, when the stupidity started. I actually thought one of the balls thrown was an apple and was going to head-butt it as it flew past my head and on toward Ashley, then luckily thought twice about it. The missiles were the size of cricket balls but solid and almost a pound in weight. Enough to kill a person at that speed, according to a medic who attended Paul behind stage.

Of all the years I have spent touring the world, nothing comes even close to this for downright sheer stupidity. My ten year old daughter Luna was also standing side of stage when the missiles came and although, thank the stars, she was unhurt, the incident indelibly left her frightened and more than a little shook up. This is NOT the reason I brought her along to witness a metal festival and this is certainly NOT the image I want her to take away from Bloodstock or indeed any other metal festival for that matter. I hope the perpetrator[s] are really proud of themselves.

So again, I apologise to all our fans who were awaiting our encore and can only hope that this selfish bastard who TRIED to ruin the night for everyone is caught and sorted out. Hail Cradle! Hail Bloodstock! Hail metal unity!"

No word yet on who said selfish bastard is or if he (or she, or they) will step forward and apologize.