Crackletone Journey To The Sea Of Sparks

Crackletone is the ambient clicks and cuts project from Scottish composer Jim Sutherland. He has been working in television and film for more than 15 years, creating soundtracks and incidental music that bring much needed atmosphere to scenes that would otherwise remain silent and emotionless. Journey To The Sea Of Sparks comprises of three pieces, the longest of which, "Crackletone,” was used in the Scottish police drama Taggert. Its 30-minute duration is taken up by a slow-building collection of dark sounds and hisses that creep up menacingly towards a more percussive climax before settling back down into its moody refrain. "Fondle Park” is the least satisfying piece on the album, relying too heavily on a quiet/loud dynamic that doesn’t really go anywhere. The title track is infinitely more successful, returning to a sinister atmosphere that is achieved by a near-constant crackling that is punctuated by chanting and church bells. Although somewhat brief, Journey To The Sea Of Sparks is still an intriguing listen that captures a mood of dark foreboding that never overwhelms the listener — it merely threatens to, but in the best way possible. (Iris Light)