Council of the Fallen Revealing Damnation

Council of the Fallen are going to make a few heads turn with their debut album, Revealing Damnation. The band is easily up there with a lot of the upper echelon of death metal, and with folks from Broken Hope and Hate Eternal in the band, they practically are the upper echelon of death metal by default. (Incidentally, that last Broken Hope album should of received a hell of a lot more recognition than it did.) Council of the Fallen have a black metal vibe peeking through the crazy death metal assault with the fast guitar melodies, stupid elf vocals and paper-thin production. And while Derek Roddy beats the hell out of his kit with speed, fluidity and a natural drum sound, the band suffers from a lack of cohesion due to the death/black dualism, forgettable cover art and songs that rule but fly in one ear and go right out the other. So, great album, but the next one will probably be way above average once the band gets a bit more comfortable together. Also, these two-word album names that usually contain at least 12 syllables, and always contain at least one of about eight death metal standby words, have to go. Sorry Centinex, and Krisiun! (Martyr)