Corruption Orgasmusica

It’s difficult to take Polish stoner troupe Corruption seriously from the onset, with song titles like "Blasting Foreskins” and "Lubricant Rains,” plus their cheesy cover art of a woman with pendulous bosoms, legs that turn into a Flying V guitar, and a frothing mug of brew. Having said that, they ever so blatantly embrace the typical stoner stereotype of sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, and they do it well. In fact, "Sleeper” and "The Angel & The Beast” swing in such a Xysma-inspired fashion that you’d swear that ex-Xysma throat Joãnitor is now fronting Corruption instead of his own Mannhai. The more deliberate "I Used To Know The Little Red Riding Hood” and the nine-minute "Candlelight” bring it down a few notches both in tempo and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. "Baby Satan” cops a bit of Quintaine Americana, and the band relives their metal years (in the early ’90s when they played classic death-doom and toured with Asphyx and Vader) by inviting black metal neighbour Nergal from Behemoth for guest vocals on "Revenge.” Though Corruption are always up for a raucous good time, Orgasmusica is definitely an acquired taste. (Metal Mind)