Corporation Return of the Corporation

Bringing the core back to ska, Brampton, ON's Corporation kick off their newest album, Return of the Corporation, with thunderous drums and chugging guitars topped off with raspy, Left Over Crack-like vocals. This three-piece are tight in their skacore delivery and keep things fast until an abrupt, spacey dub break halfway through with instrumental track "A Moments Reprise," which comes off sounding amateur and out of place. But songs like "How Do We Handle Redemption?," featuring fun horns and your expected up-beat ska rhythm, make up for their experimentations gone wrong. Refreshingly political, the band make environmental activism danceable on "When the Lights Go Out." Although Corporation have been underdogs in the southern Ontario ska scene, Return of the Corporation shows they've grown immensely since their 2007 release, The Corporation Strikes Back, and that they're ready to prove their talents once again. (Title Track)