The Corner "Even When You're Low" (video)

The Corner 'Even When You're Low' (video)
Proving that no environment is too harsh for rock'n'roll, Toronto indie outfit the Corner have shared a video for their song "Even When You're Low."

In the Ander Shinova-directed clip, the band perform the melodic rock anthem in the middle of a prairie that stretches as far as the eye can see, and there's not even any plugs handy for their instruments. Some other shots show the Corner waste deep in a river.

Meanwhile, a mustachioed man who looks a bit like he wandered out of a retro costume party emerges from a lake and hikes through the wilderness carrying a mysterious key inside of a cage, and the band ultimately get pelted with various liquids, powers and foods.

In a statement to Exclaim! about the video, frontman Matthew Oh had this to say of its origins:

We made our first trip back to Spain this year. The red wine and red meat were exactly as we remember. 

This tour kicked off nicely with a headlining spot at Sonorama festival. It was packed to the teeth and loud as hell. Those spaniards are passionate about their music.  After a few more shows, we had a couple days off and our friend Javier contacted the talented Ander Shinova to see if he had time to do a video with us. 

It came together quickly despite the fact that Ander didn't speak one word of English and we couldn't speak much more than "hola."

Our friend Javier thought it would be fun to get some footage of the band immersed in the beautiful and overwhelmingly frigid river of "Ribera del Duero." If you look close you can see our frail bodies shiver away the last few pounds of lechazo we ate for dinner the night before. In one special shot you can see my thin veil of masculinity cower and then fly away into the Spanish sky. Artsy stuff. 

In the end, Ander was able to expose and capture what he wanted with time to spare. With the extra day, he used Google Translate to ask, "Are there any ideas you'd like to try?"

In my hypothermic state, I decided to stick with the 'abuse-the-band' theme and suggested that Ander and his crew find interesting articles that could be thrown at us. Minutes later Ander, his crew and Ines came back grinning as they revealed bags of eggs, red wine, flour, paint, glitter, pies and whole milk (the creamy kind. It smelled like it was off).

My only regret is that more of these shots didn't make it into the final cut. There was some gagging on our part. One of my eyes was glued shut. Mark took two high-velocity eggs to his face. Calvin stood on bricks to look taller than me. Maybe we'll do a behind the scenes.

Watch it all play out for yourself below.

The Corner's debut is due out this coming April. It was produced by Jace Lasek of the Besnard Lakes.