Cornelius Returns with First New Album Since 2006

Cornelius Returns with First New Album Since 2006
In recent years, it hasn't exactly been easy being a Cornelius fan here in North America. Not only is the Japanese electronic soundscaper no longer tied to U.S. biggie Matador, but his more recent records, such as those of his ongoing CM series, have remained as Japan-only releases, making them more than a little tricky to hunt down and keep tabs on. Now, Cornelius has snuck out another new one, his first proper release of original material since 2006's Sensuous: a soundtrack to the NHK television program デザインあ.

Appropriately titled デザインあ (or Design A in English), the album was released late last month in Japan via Warner Music Japan. The soundtrack features a hefty 25 tracks, though many of the songs fall under the two-minute mark, and it comes with a pile of guest stars, including Takako Minekawa, Chocolat, Yumiko Ohno (of Buffalo Daughter), salyu×salyu and Etsuko Yakushimaru. The album is also equipped with some pretty stellar 3-D packaging, which you can see in action over here.

デザインあ can already be purchased via some import sellers (such as this one over here) and, of course, over in Japan, but so far there is no sign of a domestic North American release. For now, you can see the tracklist below and listen to album track "デッサンあ" at the bottom of the page.

In some other Cornelius news, the latest CM release, CM4, was recently released in Japan as well. If you are literate in Nihongo, you can get some information about that remix record here.

デザインあ (aka Design A):

1. デザインあのテーマ/ ショコラ
2. デザインの観察
3. デザインかぞえうた
4. ロングクラッチA
5. 解散!
6. デッサンあ
7. まるとしかく/ 嶺川貴子
8. かたちの式
9. はせる
10. Sound of Composition
11. ない世界
12. やじるしソング/ やくしまるえつこ
13. からだのカタチ
14. 1DAY
15. デザインの人
16. ロングクラッチB
17. おととおんがく/ 大野由美子
18. あな
19. 解散!(リバース)
20. モノ目線
21. ぶぶん
22. 思ってたんとちがう
23. カラーマジック/ salyu × salyu
24. ロングクラッチC
25. エンディングテーマ