Cornelius Delivers a Mind-Bending New Video for "Audio Architecture"

The track comes from his 'Ripple Waves' album
Cornelius Delivers a Mind-Bending New Video for 'Audio Architecture'
Cornelius delivered his stellar Mellow Waves companion effort Ripple Waves late last year, and now the Japanese music hero is bringing that release in the visual realm with a new video. It comes for the Ripple Waves track "Audio Architecture," and you can watch it now.

The song was originally composed for the "Audio Architecture" exhibit that happened at Tokyo's 21_21 Design Sight museum. That installation saw nine different directors create unique videos for Cornelius' song, and he's now highlighted one of those for his official standalone "Audio Architecture" video.

Down below, you can watch the mind-bending set of monochromatic visuals.

While Ripple Waves was released on CD in Japan last year and as an edited-down vinyl release for Record Store Day's Black Friday event, the album has now hit digital streaming services. You'll find the full album now streaming below as well.

In addition to new tracks like "Audio Architecture," it features remixes by Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Beach Fossils and Lawerence of Felt, as well as one hell of a Drake cover.