Coppershot Issues

After teaming up for two cuts on Chi-town producer Copperpot’s Chapter Seven disc a couple years back, he and fellow Windy City MC Longshot reunite for some long-player business with Issues. Longshot brings the message rap on nearly every track, railing against Bush and the political climate stateside with the help of KRS-One on "Forgive Me,” and tackling society in one swoop with "Can You Believe?” Beneath the mic-man’s weighty lyrics, Copperpot thickens the atmosphere with cleverly worked, smoothed out samples, moody vocal work and laidback beats. A rich string and matador-styled horn marks "Who’s Turn Is It?” while the eerie voice and sombre groove of "C.A.P.S.” sets the tone for Longshot’s assault on crooked cops. Though there are few tracks that’ll have you climbing the walls beat-wise, Issues makes for some good walkman music to get you from point A to point B. (EV)