Cool Toronto Shots in "It'll Be Okay" Music Video Obscured by Shawn Mendes's Head

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Cool Toronto Shots in 'It'll Be Okay' Music Video Obscured by Shawn Mendes's Head
Today in the world of very Canadian music, we've been gifted a seriously Toronto-centric new music video for "It'll Be Okay." The clip, which stars the Ontario capital city, also features a guy named Shawn Mendes, who insists on obscuring some truly epic city skyline shots for the song's entire three-minute runtime.

Filmed in and around Berczy Park and the Flatiron Building on Wellington Street East in Toronto, the clip features a ton of fake snow, slow-motion shots and precariously places traffic partitions (just like the rest of the city, am I right?). Mendes is also there, sounding pretty mopey about a recent breakup or something, as the city sparkles in all its wintery glory in the background.

The song was apparently written by this Mendes dude, with help from Scott Harris, Mike Sabath and Eddie Benjamin, and features lyrics like: "If you tell me you're leaving, I'll make it easy / It'll be okay / If we can't stop the bleeding, we don't have to fix it / We don't have to stay / I will love you either way."

The track was initially released alongside a lyric video on November 30, so it's kind of weird how this guy insists on stealing the shot every time in this new video, but it does seem like he's really going through it!

Watch the video below.