Converge "A Single Tear" (video)

Converge 'A Single Tear' (video)
We're only a few days out from the release of Converge's new album The Dusk in Us, but the heavy titans are giving it a last-minute push via an intense new video. It's for album track "A Single Tear," and trust us when we say to take its seizure warning seriously.

Directed by Max Moore, the clip is full-on sensory assault, with rapid-fire images assaulting your eyeballs sans mercy. That said, it's called "a nuanced meditation on birth."

In a statement, Converge's Jacob Bannon explained, "'A Single Tear' is about becoming a parent, and the perspective and strength it can give."

The Dusk in Us arrives Friday (November 3) via Epitaph. As previously reported, Converge have a string of West Coast tour dates coming up, and you can see those all here.