​Conspiracy Theorists Think This Pile of Clothes Is Actually Michael Jackson

​Conspiracy Theorists Think This Pile of Clothes Is Actually Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson died back in 2009 — or did he? According to some overly hopeful fans, the King of Pop may be alive and hiding under a heap of laundry in the back of his daughter's car.
Paris Jackson posted a selfie to Instagram back in March of this year, and now a legion of conspiracy theory-believing fans are claiming that the pile of clothes seen in the background of the photo is actually the 18-year-old's living, breathing father.

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To help others see their truth, YouTube user Believe posted a video that zooms in on the photo in question, bringing the supposedly late singer's face into focus. The clip has obviously been doctored for the purpose of clarity, but you can give it a watch and draw your own conclusions below.
While Paris's photo was captured on a trip to Joshua Tree, there are also "reports" that Jackson has been enjoying the alive life in Ontario. Back in 2014, Empire News suggested that the King of Pop had taken up an identity as Alain Pontifex and was residing in Port Doré — a theory enthusiastically supported by the folks running the conspiracy hub "Michael Jackson Sightings."
According to the medical professionals at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre, Jackson died on June 25, 2009.