Conan O'Brien Books Neil Young for His Last Tonight Show Guest

Conan O'Brien Books Neil Young for His Last <i>Tonight Show</i> Guest
Though it isn't directly music-related, the NBC talk show drama has been grabbing our attention recently, as Jay Leno and the meddling execs at NBC slowly take back the Tonight Show from Conan O'Brien. This week, it was confirmed that Conan's all-too-brief run as the host of The Tonight Show will end tomorrow (January 21).

But the bad news definitely comes with some silver lining, as Conan's last-ever musical guest will be legendary rock n' roll hero Neil Young, whom he hand-picked. When Conan ended his Late Night show in 2009, he personally requested the White Stripes.

The other great aspect of this whole debacle has been the legendary bits coming out of Tonight Show. When Conan announced his departure on last night's show, he promised to waste as much NBC money as possible before bowing out. He did so by announcing a new character: the Bugatti Veyron Mouse.

The character is literally one of the world's priciest cars with mouse ears, and its theme song is "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones. The intentionally unfunny character, which took up one-minute of air time, reportedly cost the network $1.5 million dollars. Check out the clip below.