Combatwoundedveteran I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos

Devoid of any unnecessary niceties, such as melody, I Know... is a barely 19 minute barrage of musical hostility, aimed at simply obliterating the listener/unwary victim. Comprised of short jabs of hazardous musical violence, each song walks a frantic path of noisy grindcore, crusty feedback-drenched, well, everything, power-violence styled abuse and vocals stalking the wrong side of disturbed. However, for all its abrasive edges (and there is little else, happily), the desperation, animosity and relentless pace carries these 19 tracks, never sacrificing their power or being rendered redundant, despite the short, repetitive style used to throttle the listener, mainly because of the fact that everything is so short. Tracks like "You Make Statements Concerning Things That You Know Nothing About," "My Spine, My Spine, My Spine" and "Let The Surgical Strike Begin" are indicative of the level of musical carpet-bombing CWV can achieve. Coupled with strikingly morbid, yet simplistic artwork, I Know A Girl... is a great dance album for your next social event, provided that you plan on killing everyone. (No Idea)