Colin Stetson Returns with 'All This I Do for Glory'

Colin Stetson Returns with 'All This I Do for Glory'
Sax man extraordinaire Colin Stetson reimagined Henryk Górecki's Symphony No. 3 for last year's SORROW and is wasting no time in teeing up another solo disc for release this year. Titled All This I Do for Glory, Stetson's latest will arrive in April through Kartel Music Group.

A press release reveals All This I Do for Glory is the first half of a doomed love story modelled after Greek tragedies, exploring themes of ambition, legacy and the afterlife.

It also has this to say about the new album:

With this, his first solo outing since 2013's To See More Light, Colin Stetson ventures into territory both familiar and strange. Here still, is the dogmatically stripped-down approach to performance and capture (all songs recorded live with no overdubs or loops) but there is an immediacy to the album that belies a more invasive and thorough miking of the various instruments being utilized and a seeming influence drawn from the early nineties electronica of artists like Aphex Twin and Autechre, evident in the more pointed role played by the instruments' many percussive elements.

Along with the announcement, Stetson has shared a video for album cut "Spindrift," which features an up close and personal look at his sax playing.

All This I Do for Glory will arrive on April 28 through Kartel Music Group. Read through the tracklisting below to watch the video for "Spindrift" below. You can pre-order the album here.

All This I Do for Glory:

1. All This I Do For Glory
2. Like Wolves On The Fold
3. Between Water And Wind
4. Spindrift
5. In The Clinches
6. The Lure Of The Mine