Coldplay to Release New EPs, Collaborate with Jay-Z Again

Coldplay to Release New EPs, Collaborate with Jay-Z Again
While recent statements that he loves Nickelback and Limp Bizkit suggest Coldplay front-man Chris Martin has terrible taste in rock music, there’s no denying he has a knack for some quality Def Jam rap. Having previously collaborated with both Kanye West and Jay-Z, Martin has announced via the Coldplay website that the band have collaborated with Mr. Carter once again. The track, a reworking of the Vida La Vida song "Lost!,” will be included on the official Lost! EP, due November 10.

Following the release this EP, the band will then drop the Prospekt’s March EP, a collection of new songs that weren’t completed in time for Vida. In a handwritten letter to fans, Martin revealed that the EP has "been the subject of many discussions and arguments; some might be considered too catchy or too heavy for Coldplay songs but in our minds they complete the Viva La Vida picture.”

Prospekt’s March EP tracklisting:

1. "Life In Technicolor II”
2. "Postcards From Far Away”
3. "Glass Of Water”
4. "Rainy Day”
5. "Prospekt's March”

Coldplay featuring Jay-Z "Lost!”