Coldplay Accused of Plagiarism - Again

Coldplay Accused of Plagiarism - Again
Just as they were breathing a sigh of relief over a settlement with shredding guitar god Joe Satriani, Coldplay have once again been accused of copyright infringement. While these are still allegations, it's starting to look as if their Viva La Vida record may have had little original content.

This time, the accusations are based on the band's just-released music video for "Strawberry Swing." The vibe bears an extremely striking resemblance to the video for "Something Else" by British singer-songwriter Andy J Gallagher, which was released last year.

In a statement, Gallagher said, "While I can't say they copied me, there are an awful lot of similarities between my video and theirs. I think it's unfair that 'Strawberry Swing' will probably be nominated for numerous awards and is being universally acclaimed as groundbreaking when ['Something Else' director] Owen Trevor had virtually the same idea at least a year before."

Coldplay have yet to comment on the matter, presumably because they're scouring the internet for well-worded apologies to copy and paste.

Here are the two videos, for your consideration: