Coldplay "Charlie Brown" (video)

Coldplay 'Charlie Brown' (video)
Despite Top 40 favourites Coldplay's relatively squeaky clean image, things get hot and heavy in the new vid for Mylo Xyloto track "Charlie Brown." The soft rock anthem has the band rocking out in a small club with a bunch of glow-stick wavers, with Chris Martin pogoing into the frosh with an acoustic guitar in tow, but it's the cut scenes that supply the scandal.

In it, a young, romantic, hoodied hooligan pulls off some rooftop acrobatics before smashing a car window to grab his ride for the night. He then picks up his girlfriend (Misfits star Antonia-Rose Laura Thomas), and they canoodle for a bit before heading out to the concert spot. Beneath the lasers, they party it up, and then every neon-paint-smeared patron starts making out.

As exciting as it all seems, we can't help but notice we're always seated in the sexless 30-somethings section each time we catch the band in action. In fact, this vid is almost the exact opposite of an actual Coldplay concert.