Coldcut/Various 70 Minutes of Madness

Finally, the long overdue re-release of the now legendary turn Coldcut took at the decks in 1995 for Journeys By DJ has arrived. There's good reason why some critics hailed this compilation by Matt Black and Jonathan More as one of the greatest mix albums of all-time, complete with an unbelievable blending of songs and exceptional track selection. Coldcut have been in the game for many years and seem to have perfected the art of mixing to great heights. With so much time spent sweetening their craft over the years in hundreds of clubs, festivals and on their own Solid Steel radio show, Coldcut have been able to remarkably mix various genres and tempos throughout this entire 70-minute musical massacre. Fusing the likes of Photek's unlikely down-tempo beats into the classic Boogie Down Productions hip-hop anthem "The Bridge is Over" and then seamlessly into DJ Food's beautiful "Nu Blood" all in a mere couple of minutes is enough to make your head shake in amazement. The amount of passion, tempos, genres and audible bliss More and Black cram into this album is beyond comprehension. Some people have been turning their noses up at the dynamic duo as of late, for their heavy involvement with politics rather than producing musical gems, but there truly is no denying the sheer talent the Ninja Tune founders behold behind the decks. This isn't a future classic that will withstand the test of time, this was a classic the day it was submitted to the label on DAT. Truly a masterpiece as far as mix albums are concerned, and even now that that it's seven years old it still easily outshines the staleness of present attempts. Indispensable. (Journeys By DJ)