Code Orange Share 'My World' Mini-Documentary

Watch the 23-minute feature now
Code Orange Share 'My World' Mini-Documentary
Just over two years removed from sharing their devastating Forever LP, Code Orange are taking listeners behind the scenes with a new mini-documentary.

Titled My World, the film runs just over 20 minutes in length. Shot and edited by the band themselves, the feature cuts together performance footage, studio footage, and candid captures of bowling, video games and other extracurriculars.

You can watch the film, which also goes heavy on the video effects, in the player below.

"We just wanted to make something that kind of showed a little bit of a different side to us, but in our mind still rolled with the vision that we're trying to create through our records," the band's Jami Morgan told Revolver. "There's a lot of loose band documentaries with a lot of footage that we all really liked watching, like Type O's After Dark or I have Nine Inch Nails' Closure...there's just been a lot of cool ones over the years. So we thought, actually about two years ago at this point, 'Let's just start shooting and see what we can do.'"

Last June, Code Orange shared EP The Hurt Will Go On, which featured Slipknot's Corey Taylor.