Clutch Live at the Googleplex

I don’t think a band has ever made such an accurate self-description of their sound as Clutch did when they entitled an album Pure Rock Fury. Those three words pretty much encapsulate what Clutch is capable of to a tee. If you have ever been to one of their live shows, you already know this. If the thought of attending one scares you, this live album might be all the proof you need. While I am usually not in favour of releasing live albums, here is one that serves the band well even if the drums are a little too quiet in the mix. Taking material from all the band’s studio albums, this 15-song, hour-long effort was recorded live over four stops in the past year and includes four tracks recorded in Montreal. The Montreal section includes the highlight of the set, the back-to-back reading of both parts of "Big News.” Next logical step — someone needs to put out a well-recorded live DVD. (Megaforce)