Club Roll Music Launches with Releases from BSS Offshoot AroarA, Jef Barbara

Club Roll Music Launches with Releases from BSS Offshoot AroarA, Jef Barbara
There's a new player in Canada's indie music landscape: Club Roll Music, a freshly launched Montreal-based label that will make its debut in the coming months with four new releases.

The company, which is run by Lenny Levine, Dan Seligman, Hilary Leftick and Shaun Bronstein, has signed four hometown acts for its debut string of releases. First up is Andrew Whiteman's latest project, AroarA. The self-titled EP from this Broken Social Scene/Apostle of Hustle member's new band is due out on March 12, though no other info beyond that has been given yet.

Subsequent releases on Club Roll will be Jef Barbara's Post-Exposure EP on March 26, Karneef's In Error LP on April 9 and Filthy Haanz's yet-to-be-titled EP on April 23.

Club Roll will be distributed by Universal, and it has established a publishing alliance with Nettwerk One Music. The label has ambitions to expand its scope internationally and is currently involved in discussions to distribute throughout the world. Despite this broad scope, however, Club Roll's primary focus is on Montreal.

Levine had this to say in a statement:

Montreal is a unique city with a diverse cultural chemistry that illustrates its beauty through the arts. The city is an entertainment source that is just scratching the surface in terms of worldwide recognition with the emergence of its homegrown talent, in every realm of creative expression, especially music. It's a hidden jewel, where the standard of living is high but the cost of living is relatively low, allowing artists to hone their skills and explore their artistic boundaries but still afford to pay the rent. I am very fortunate, in that Dan, ShaunBron and Hil are intelligent music professionals that share in this collective vision of what a good label should be.

Even more importantly to me, my associates are excellent people that know how to laugh. We have incisive and insurgent artists — all equally brilliantly dysfunctional — and strong allies in Universal and Nettwerk. We are going to do this guerilla warfare stylee.

Hear some tracks by AroarA, Karneef and Jef Barbara over here on SoundCloud.