Club cheval "Discipline" (video)

Club cheval 'Discipline' (video)
French dance act Club cheval will deliver their debut album in early 2016, but they're getting the party started by promoting one of its tunes, "Discipline." You can see how rowdy things get when the track gets spun at a house party in a new music video.

As you'll see down below, the clip follows a young girl documenting a rager with her digital video camera. There's plenty of sweaty dance action and some kissin' time, while people also get tossed into pools, or shuffle off into micro-parties in greenhouses and saunas.

Club cheval are there too, playing their pumped-up up number to the kids and instigating a maddening round of musical chairs.

You'll find the playful clip down below.

While "Discipline" will appear on the as-yet-untitled LP, it's also showcased on a newly released EP featuring remixes from Ryan Hemsworth, With You and more.