Cloud Nothings Tease New 2014 Album via Trailer

Cloud Nothings Tease New 2014 Album via Trailer
The wait for Cloud Nothings' previously promised "noisier and less straightforward" follow-up to 2012's Attack on Memory is apparently almost over, as the Ohio indie rockers have unveiled a trailer for the as-yet-untitled album.

The teaser to their next full-length arrived today (December 4), and the 43-second preview includes various clips of fuzzed-out songs, with some running sweet and others running fast and punchy. Visually, you see the crew sitting around a recording studio.

The final moment of the video has frontman Dylan Baldi singing "it starts right now," which for the purposes of teasing the LP means the promotional campaign is now officially underway.

There's no firm due date for the as-yet-untitled album, but the YouTube clip notes "Cloud Nothings 2014," linking to their North American label Carpark Records and their European one Wichita.

Earlier this fall, Baldi told [via Consequence of Sound] that the band had hunkered down at the New Jersey studio of producer John Congleton (the Polyphonic Spree, the Walkmen, Modest Mouse) to record the album.

"The new material is kind of a good mix of two very different types of songs that were on Attack on Memory," Baldi said. "They are noisy but have catchy elements. So, like 'Wasted Day' and 'Stay Useless' from the last album, stick those together into one song and that's the new stuff."

Read an interview with Baldi about the band's new album here.