Cloud Nothings Shed Light on "Noisier and Less Straightforward" New Album

Cloud Nothings Shed Light on 'Noisier and Less Straightforward' New Album
On Cloud Nothings' most recent album, 2012's Attack on Memory, songwriter Dylan Baldi shifted away from the group's tuneful origins in favour of a darker, more aggressively alt-rocking sound. For the band's next album, he's planning to push the envelope even further.

"The album is a little less melodic. It's noisier and less straightforward. I think people will be able to handle it," he told MTV Hive [via Consequence of Sound], adding, "There's one track that sounds a lot like early Wire, that I really like. There's not really words yet, I write them super last minute when I'm in the studio."

In other words, we're guessing that the forthcoming disc will include less songs like "Fall In" and more along the lines of "Wasted Days" (listen to those songs below).

Cloud Nothings will hit the studio in April and plan to release the album by the fall. This will mark the band's third album in as many years.

"I want to do one thing each year or else I'll feel like I'm lazy," Baldi said.