Cloud Nothings Detail 'Here and Nowhere,' Premiere New Song

Cloud Nothings Detail 'Here and Nowhere,' Premiere New Song
After teasing us earlier this month with a concert-recorded preview of their new LP, Cleveland indie rockers Cloud Nothings have now properly let loose some details behind the upcoming studio set, titled Here and Nowhere.

The album, Cloud Nothings' third, arrives April 1 in North America through Carpark/Mom + Pop, and it features eight new songs recorded with producer John Congleton (the Polyphonic Spree, the Walkmen, Modest Mouse) at Hoboken, NJ's Water Music studios. The record was tracked over the course of a week, while Congleton later mixed the results at his Dallas studio.

According to vocalist Dylan Baldi, the album took shape as the band were on the road in support of 2012's Attack on Memory. Following 18 months of touring and songwriting, Baldi presented the new tunes to his bandmates a week ahead of hitting the studio. Apparently, the good vibes he was feeling seeped into the song cycle.

"I was feeling pretty good about everything so I just made stuff that made me happy," Baldi said in a statement of crafting the album. "I had nothing to be angry about really so the approach was more positive and less 'fuck everything.' I just sat down and played until I found something that I like, because I was finally in a position to do that."

Musically, Baldi adds that Here and Nowhere isn't "just an in-your-face rock record," and instead has subtler touches mixed into the proceedings.

"You can listen to a song 20 times and still hear different little things in there that you didn't notice before. Every time I listen I notice something that I didn't even realize we did," he said.

Down below, you can check out the studio magic by streaming the official first preview of Here and Nowhere, the still fuzzy, personal pop-punk jam "I'm Not a Part of Me."

Here and Nowhere:

1. Now Hear In

2. Quieter Today

3. Psychic Trauma

4. Just See Fear

5. Giving Into Seeing

6. No Thoughts

7. Pattern Walks

8. I'm Not Part Of Me

Read an interview with Baldi about the band's new album here.