Cloetta Paris "I Miss You Someone"

Cloetta Paris 'I Miss You Someone'
The Swedish music scene produces yet another mysterious act in Cloetta Paris, a supposed twosome with little to no information available about them other than music and photos at her MySpace page. But like Sally Shapiro, one of last year’s success stories in the blogosphere, Cloetta Paris’s cloud of anonymity works in her benefit. Reportedly produced by Roger Gunnarsson (formerly of the band Nixon), rumours have been circulating that Ms. Paris might be under the same wing of Shapiro’s svengali, Johan Agebjörn — and if we’re to judge by the music the sneaky suspicion is all the more chin-stroking. While one of her other songs, "Broken Heart Tango” is pure Italo disco — with all the mustard, ketchup and relish on top — "I Miss You Someone” still obeys the Euro pop formula, though bowing down more to a similar style that Stock, Aiken and Waterman reigned with in the ’80s. Gunnarsson’s production nostalgically glosses over Paris’s pubescent sweetness, but he’s not content limiting himself to the past, building a great climax that results in chopping up away at the chorus - an ending that is both an indulgent and electric way to go out.

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