clipping. 'CLPPNG' (album stream)

clipping. 'CLPPNG' (album stream)
California rap crew clipping. have slowly but surely been teasing bits and pieces of their upcoming sophomore effort CLPPNG over the last few months, but the group are now revealing the project in full just ahead of the official June 10 street date through Sub Pop. Up until you can get your mitts on a physical copy, you can stream the full-length on

CLPPNG follows the outfit's debut home job Midcity, and a press release notes that rapper Daveed Diggs and producers Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson have tweaked the template a little bit to have their "experimental sounds… fit a wider emotional range." The anger heard on Midcity is still present on tracks like the album's "Intro," described as "the most uncompromisingly brutal piece of music they've yet recorded," but tunes like "Tonight" and "Work Work" bring an experimental bounce to the proceedings.

Throughout CLPPNG, Diggs shares mic time with the likes of Three Six Mafia alum Gangsta Boo, DJ Mustard collaborator Cocc Pistol Cree, Guce and King T. You'll hear those appearances and the rest of the clipping. crew's new album down below.

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the album here.

UPDATE: This stream was available for one week only and is no longer available.