Clipd Beaks To Realize on New Album

Clipd Beaks <i>To Realize</i> on New Album
Since the two-year absence that followed Clipd Beaks's second album, Hoarse Lords, the Oakland noise weirdos teased fans with their Visions seven-inch earlier this year, but have put out little else, in terms of new material. That will all change in early 2010, when the band finally get down to releasing another proper full-length.

Titled To Realize, the album is Clipd Beaks' third overall, and second for New York noise peddlers Lovepump United. And while To Realize isn't out until January 26, two songs from the album, "Blood" and "Atoms," can now be streamed on the band's Myspace page.

To Realize:

1. "Strangler"

2. "Blood"

3. "Broke Life"

4. "Visions"

5. "Home"

6. "Atoms"

7. "Dust"

8. "Desert Highway Music"

9. "Jamn"

10. "On One"

11. "Shot on a Horse"