Clark Signs On to Score 'The Last Panthers'

Clark Signs On to Score 'The Last Panthers'
Upcoming "bankster" crime drama The Last Panthers made headlines when it was revealed that David Bowie had contributed the program's theme song. Now, it's back in the news with another high-profile musical announcement — Clark will be scoring the show.
The six-part British series is co-produced by Warp Films, so it only makes sense that creator Johan Renck turned to the company's musical roster for some help in the sound department.
"It felt idiotic to not tap into one of the founding corners of Warp," he said [via Fact]. "Chris [Clark's] sensibilities and brazen creativity was bang on for a score to deal with everything from the biblical grandeur of the story via brooding darkness all the way over to tender sentimentality. He had it covered."
That brooding darkness can be heard in a piece called "Omni Vignette" that the producer shared online. It's a sparse, haunting piano number that was accompanied with the following description from Clark:
It all started on a porch in Melbourne with a viola and a contact mic. I've never worked on anything like this before and it's probably the most exciting/fun/at times panic inducing thing I've ever done.
The narrative of the show is vast, deep. It spans many different eras in the characters lives, so it needed to be coherent. The intention was to make the unfolding stories of the characters seem lucid and effortless.
Seeing the show get edited down to this concise, six part slab of dramatic excellence was inspiring, and definitely helped the music stay fresh. I'm honoured that The Last Panthers is the first foray into film I've had, it's an immense project to be involved in.
The series stars Samantha Morton, Tahar Rahim and John Hurt. It premieres on Sky Atlantic on November 12. Listen to Clark's "Omni Vignette" in the player below, and keep scrolling to check out a trailer for the show.