Clark The Woods

Ottawa’s John Tielli has spearheaded something truly special and remarkable with The Woods, the second record by his band Clark. Though working in a pop framework, Tielli’s songs are too eccentric and artistically unique to categorise easily. Instead they resonate on more of an emotional plain with songs like "The Metal Boys” gnawing away at the subconscious and "Camera” eliciting dream-like scenes from the listener. With drummer Andrew McCormack (Wooden Stars) and bassist Matt Gagnon in tow, something like "The Psychiatric Ward” takes on a jagged edge, while "Teacher/Student” is a classic, biting rocker. Fans of the Rheostatics will surely be drawn to Tielli’s voice and phrasing but make no mistake, there is more to Clark than a famous Canadian namesake. This is the kind of impassioned, sophisticated rock music that we need to hear more of and Clark can be credited for a stunning achievement with The Woods. (Zunior)